October 8, 2016


General information

The topics of the COST/IEEE-CASS Seasonal Training School in Fractional-Order Systems (COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL) cover interdisciplinary research areas such as advanced mathematics, circuit theory, material science, control, biology, and other hot topics in fractional-order systems. During the three days, the program of the training school includes six keynote speeches and PC laboratory exercise given by world-class distinguish lecturers.

Call for Live Demonstrations

The COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL Organizing Committee invites proposals for “Live Demonstrations of Fractional-Order Systems” to be conducted during Coffee Break on Friday, November 25, 2016 at 15:00. This initiative offers the possibility for an interactive and tangible form of presentation of already published research results or ongoing works. The demonstrations will be conducted in presentation booths with ample space to set up a working system, whether it is interactive software on a laptop, a hardware setup, etc. The attendees are invited to experience the demonstrations directly, to interact with, and challenge them. Presenters have the opportunity to show direct proof of their working systems and to create a lasting impression on attendees. If you would be interested to promote your research during the Live Demo session, please describe it in the Registration Form.

Download the final program and abstracts in PDF.