Seasonal Training School in Fractional-Order Systems

November 24-26, 2016
Brno / Czech Republic


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November 13, 2016
There is no registration fee or admission charge!


Welcome to the official website of the COST/IEEE-CASS Seasonal Training School in Fractional-Order Systems (COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL) that will be held during November 24-26, 2016, in Brno, Czech Republic. The COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL is hosted by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of Brno University of Technology and organized as part of the COST Action CA15225 - “Fractional-order systems; analysis, synthesis and their importance for future design” by co-sponsorship of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) and IEEE Czechoslovakia Section & SP/CAS/COM Joint Chapter.

Fractional-(non-integer)-order derivatives have been studied by mathematicians since the late seventeenth century, when Leibniz, de L’Hospital, Riemann, Liouville and others were involved in their early development. Recently, the fractional-order continuous-time systems were labeled as the “21st Century Systems” and therefore received significant interest of scientists and engineers while their deeply rooted mathematical concepts migrate to various scientific disciplines due to their effectiveness for modeling of various processes and systems in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, material science, electrical engineering, control, etc.

The COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL training school aims to bring together Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. students and as well as experienced scientists working in various interdisciplinary research areas such as advanced mathematics, circuit theory, material science, control, biology, and other up to date topics in fractional-order systems. The program of the three days training school includes six keynote speeches and PC laboratory exercise given by world-recognized lecturers.


Igor Podlubny

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
Title: Foundations of Fractional Calculus for Applications
Time: 24.11.2016 @ 10:00-12:30

Ahmed G. Radwan

Nile University, Egypt
Title: Approximation and Realization of Fractional-Order Circuits
Time: 24.11.2016 @ 14:00-16:30

Riccardo Caponetto

University of Catania, Italy
Title: Nano Structured Material as Fractional-Order Element
Time: 25.11.2016 @ 9:30-11:00

Aleksei Tepljakov

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Title: Fractional-Order PID Control: Tuning and Practical Implementation
Time: 25.11.2016 @ 11:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:30

Todd Freeborn

University of Alabama, USA
Title: Modeling of Biological Tissues’ Properties
Time: 25.11.2016 @ 14:00-17:30

Ahmed S. Elwakil

University of Sharjah, UAE
Title: Fractional-Order Modeling of ultra-High Density Capacitors
Time: 26.11.2016 @ 9:00-11:00



December 21, 2016: The report of COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL Seasonal Training School is published in IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter (Vol. 10, Issue 6, Dec. 2016).

December 4, 2016: Thank you for taking part in successful COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL in Brno, Czech Republic, which was partially supported by Seasonal Schools in Circuits and Systems (SSCAS) Initiative of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and COST Association. Photos are available in Facebook Gallery.

November 22, 2016: Download the final program and abstracts in PDF.

October 26, 2016: Call for Participants flyer is published.

October 25, 2016: The COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL Organizing Committee invites proposals for “Live Demonstrations of Fractional-Order Systems” ... more details here.

October 13, 2016: The COST/IEEE-CASS FRACTAL website is launched!